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Caring for Your Suede

Caring for your suede

Suede is a sanded and treated leather that is finished that way to produce a smooth finish. Due to this smooth, velvet-like finish, there is a high-probability of marks, scuffs, and staining of the footwear.


  • Use a soft brush or cloth to brush/wipe away dirt or stains. You can invest in brushes specifically designed for suede care for the best results.

  • Put together a solution with two parts water, and one part vinegar. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution, and gently wipe away the marks or scuffs.

  • Allow the shoes to thoroughly dry in open air prior to wearing or boxing. Do not use heating sources, as this may damage the suede.

  • If a stain or mark is observed on your shoes, remove as quickly as possible to avoid stain saturation. 

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