Somiar versus Them

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Comparing and Contrasting

Of course prior to purchasing a Somiar design, you would question, "What's the difference between these shoes and ____________________?" (normally referring to a well-known brand of shoes for under $150). Well, it is simple; the concept of joining the Somiar family. When you purchase a pair of Somiar shoes, you have now created a relationship with not just the brand, but also the shoes. Somiar shoes are built to last, and in time you will see the difference between us versus them. 


Often times, with less expensive shoes, there is little-to-no quality craftsmanship applied. The outer sole of the shoes may be glued or the leather may wear, because although it is genuine, it is of low-quality and/or poorly treated. We handcraft our shoes using calf-skin and full-grain, durable leather, as it feels better, looks better and lasts longer. The leather is directly from Spain, which guarantees better treatment and quality of the leather due to minimum processing standards, for which Spain has a great reputation. 

We also Blake-stitch our shoes, ensuring lasting quality, versatility, but most importantly your comfort. The Blake-stitch also makes for our shoes to be re-soleable, if needed. 


The less expensive option, is less expensive for a couple of reasons; Commonly, products sold for a low price are made in factories with poor standards of care, not just for the product, but for the individuals creating the products. Somiar ensures that the work environment is of high standards, but also that they are well compensated for the art they create. 

As previously stated, purchasing a pair of Somiar shoes binds you to our great shoes and an even greater family.