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Interior Shoe Care

Interior shoe care shoe tree

Interior shoe care is detrimental to preserve the life of your leather shoes. One of the primary reasons shoes are thrown out is due to odor. Understanding that your shoes require care and occasional cleansing on the interior, just like the exterior, will prevent throwing your favorite shoes in the trash because of odors caused by bacteria. We will provide you the tricks and tips to ensure that you get the most from your shoes.

1. Compose a paste of water, a couple of drops of laundry detergent, and baking soda.

2. Apply an even amount of paste throughout the interior of the shoes and allow the paste to dry (approx. 15 minutes).

3. Wipe away the dried paste with a clean cloth. 

4. Spray a shoe disinfectant (safe for leather) inside of the shoes.

5. Utilize shoe trees when not wearing your shoes, to prevent odor, moisture and bacteria. Cedar shoe trees also assist with odors as the cedar provides as a deodorizer for the shoes. Shoe trees also help maintain the shape and form of the shoes as they are worn.