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Shoe Care

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  • Avoid wearing your shoes in inclement wet weathers such as rain, snow or sleet.
  • Treat stains sustained from salt, as the salt dehydrates the leather and results in the leather cracking.
  • Do not use external heat sources to dry your shoes. Natural heat/air is best way to dry your shoes.
  • Get rubber taps inserted to your shoes if you wear through the soles.
  • Use shoe trees when not wearing your shoes, and between uses, to extend the life of your shoes, by maintaining shape and preventing bacteria and odors.
  • To prevent the leather from cracking, keep your shoes polished and conditioned to prolong the life of the leather.
  • Use care when putting on your shoes to avoid stress on the shoe. Use support on the tongue and the heel to put on your shoe.
  • A good cleaning solution for your shoes is composed of two parts water, and one part vinegar. Dampen a cloth and gently wipe your shoes.
  • Between uses, allow your shoes to rest 24 hours before the next use as this extends the life of your shoe.